Cree Releases $15 Smart Bulb to the Masses
cree smart bulb

Ready to fit your house in the latest smart light bulb technology? Good news, it won’t break the bank. Cree has announced a network-connected 60W LED bulb priced at just under $15 – making it one of the cheapest.

What does it do? It allows you to fully embrace being lazy. The specs on the Cree bulb are like its non-connected 60W version. Light output is 815 Lumens, consumes 11W at its brightest and Cree’s next-gen 4Flow Filament Design. Basically, it’s a light bulb.

The smart feature comes in with its connectivity. Pair it with either a Wink or ZigBee certified hub and you can annoy your kids/spouse/roommate from anywhere in the world.

Sync the bulb and control it via a smartphone app anywhere in the world. Turn on the lights from your bed or dim them to create the perfect Netflix ambiance. Need to be sure you wake up in the morning? Set the lights to turn on with your alarm clock.

There is a bit of a downside to the bulbs. You need a Wink or ZigBee hub. If you’re looking for smart bulbs for the first time, let’s just assume you don’t have the hub. This pushes the cost of entry up a bit, but the bulbs’ price keeps it in contention for those looking to connect their house.

Also, Cree put in future-proofing by adding Apple HomeKit support. As you add more smart appliances, you will be able to centralize them via one hub. HomeKit will allow all the smart appliances to react on various, personalized cues.

The Cree Connected bulb goes on sale later this month online and at Home Depot stores everywhere. Hopefully a few of the stores have a display up so customers can get a feel on how smart bulbs benefit them.

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