CreekKooler is the latest answer to the problems facing all kayakers. We can strap a cooler down, but it becomes a pain if we flip (it happens) or say you want a cold one. Did you tie it down just out of reach? Of course.

The company’s pull-behind kayak cooler is what it sounds like. A cooler designed to tow behind your canoe or kayak. It even matches the styling with it available in white, blue or red. A foam filled, plastic hull can keep drinks cold for days.

kayak cooler

Two handles easily allow you to drag it to your camp or slap an easy button for a day at the beach. When have you ever known a wheeled cooler perform as advertised in the sand?

red creekkooler

CreekCooler Specs

  • 30-quart capacity holds (30) 12-oz cans and 20LBS of ice
  • 4 drink holders located on deck
  • Dual wall blow molded construction
  • Foamed insulation
  • Dimensions: 39.5″L x 21″W X 12″H
  • 1/8 turn threaded water-tight lid
  • Great for dry storage too
  • Mini flag holder

Price. Amazon is our buddy here with a retail price of $179 and free shipping.

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