Everyone likes to make fun of McDonald’s. When you think of the golden arches, you certainly aren’t thinking gourmet . Well, a Dutch production agency decided to have to some fun at the food illuminati’s expense.

The company sent two pranksters who could keep a straight face to a food expo armed with a bag of Mickey D’s greatest. Instead of labeling the food as from the fast food giant, they told attendees it was their “new, organic alternative to fast food.”

The YouTube video proves that if you tell people it’s organic, their reactions are a lot more positive. Even if it’s just a Big Mac. Granted, the people had a camera shoved in their face, so how honest would they be in criticizing the food.

Though, there were a few that said the food was a lot better than McDonald’s. I’m not sure how that translates to McDonald’s earnings, but I feel a commercial coming on. ‘The Dollar Menu: So Good, You Won’t Realize it’s McDonald’s.’ Yeah, you’re lovin’ it.

A few of the attendees said the food was more ‘pure’ than McDonald’s. Pure and clean were a common refrain in the video. So, next time your food snob says the food has a pure taste, you can promptly call him out on his BS.

The producers takeaway from the video? “If you tell people that something is organic, they’ll automatically believe it’s organic!” Damn, they just killed Whole Foods entire business model.

The video is in Dutch, so for subtitles, click play. Once it’s playing, click settings, the gear button on the bottom right, and then turn on subtitles/CC. You may have to wait through an ad to get the gear icon.

Check out the video below.


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