Great way to start a Monday. New images are breaking today from the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, or the Avengers movie we really wanted. We finally get to see Crossbones. For the casual fan, the immediate question is ‘who is he?’ Good news is you already know him.

He’s Brock Rumlow from Captain America: Winter Soldier. The last time we saw him, SHEILD/HYDRA operative was having a bad day. That happens when SHIELD HQ gets dropped on you during the Battle of Triskelion.

Brock Rumlow as Crossbones

Before he suited up as a Crossbones, Rumlow started his career with SHIELD. He eventually progressed to lead its elite STRIKE unit. The team frequently partnered with both Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Black Widow (Natasha Romanov).

His major contribution in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was in this role. We saw him fight alongside the two Avengers in the retaking of the Lemurian Star, and then against Rogers and Romanov after STRIKE was tasked to bring him in.

crossbones in Empire magazine

It gave us this awesome fight sequence:

At the time, Rogers was unaware that STRIKE and sizable elements of SHIELD had been infiltrated by HYDRA and were plotting to use the Helicarriers to assassinate anyone the group deemed a threat.

[divider]Rumlow vs. Sam Wilson[/divider]

In the film, Wilson takes on the HYDRA agent and has the help of a crashing helicarrier to deal with Rumlow.

That leaves a mark and brings us to Crossbones and Captain America: Civil War.

Rumlow is back. Sort of. Only so much medical technology can do when a building falls on you. Plus, it’s not like HYDRA had great health coverage.

Crossbones enters Captain America Civil War

Comic book fans will be thrilled to see Crossbones on the big screen. Still played by Frank Grillo, he’s back, and angier. With no affiliations, he’s a one-man wrecking crew on his tour of vengeance.

He wants the people that made him suffer so much pain and loss to feel the same despair.

[divider]Crossbones Abilities[/divider]

He’s not gaining anything special besides the fact he’s still a badass. It doesn’t appear the MCU went the route of making him enhanced. Just more pissed off.

For fans, that’s a welcome relief. He keeps his fighting ability as an expert in martial arts. Remember, he was holding his own against Rogers for a time in the elevator fight scene. Outside of hand-to-hand, he’s an expert marksman with any weapon you throw his way.

Crossbones and MCU

The big debate as we near closer to Civil War’s release is how closely does it stick to the comics? Will we see the story leap off the pages and onto the big screen? If that’s the case, who better to fire the shot than Crossbones?

For me, I’m torn. Sure, we know Sebastian Stan (Bucky/Winter Soldier) has the longest Marvel contract, but these were drawn up before Marvel Studios saw how the box office reacted.

Still, if you know the comic book storyline, how awesome would it be to see it play out in theaters? It would also signal the MCU entering a darker time as we hurtle towards the two-part Avengers: Infinity War.

Sound off on Crossbones. Are you excited to see Rumlow’s character finally transition into his comic book identity?

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