How do you keep the TSA out of your stuff? A few options. Don’t look like you need a half a bottle of Xanax in the security line. I can’t help I hate flying. Another option is like those idiots on YouTube walking around in their underwear. Enjoy the cavity searches freedom lover.

Or get naked. Wait…

Your luggage. Get your mind out of the gutter. Australian-based Crumpler has the solution to our TSA woes by creating check-in luggage made from clear polycarbonate. Thanks, Crumpler. Now I have to make my suitcase look like I actually gave a damn my shirts aren’t wrinkle resistant.

Who else feels sorry for the poor OCD folks out there? Damn, the shoes are not lined up…

Crumpler Vis-a-Vis Clear Suitcase

Getting naked at the ticket counter not enough? Each suitcase offers 70 liters of internal volume to stuff as much crap as you can into it. Four easy-glide wheels make sure everyone turns around and secretly wonders what magical powers you have.

Need to carry it around? Crumpler has fabric straps to carry it around. It’s about as comfortable as luggage gets.

Oh, and a TSA approved lock. Hey, they might spy something they’d like a closer look at. Use your imagination on what that might be. Me? I’m going to enjoy my new spot on the additional screening list.

A Crumpler Vis-a-Vis suitcase will set you back $550. And the countless hours you’ll spend before your trip getting everything packed just right. The return trip? If it fits, it zips.

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