Nature and Brooklyn are two words you normally don’t associate. They don’t call New York a concrete jungle for no reason. A homeowner went after the guts of one of the townhouses crumbling in Fort Green – a neighborhood of Brooklyn.

A collapsing rear wall and enough water damage to make ServPro uneasy, the purchaser tapped architecture firm Ensemble to put the broken house back together again.

First thing? The old townhouse had to go. Walls crumbling and water damage is carte blanche for an architectural firm to go nuts. And a budget that makes the rest of us envious. A new rear wall was installed along with a two-story addition along the back.

To fuse the exterior and interior, Ensemble connected the addition through to the living room, leaving it open with plenty of glass and steel.

Need a little nature? Not exactly the best city to pick for those looking for plant life, but the courtyard was transformed into a garden complete with two-story planters filled with vines.

Doors open completely to the garden, allowing the interior and exterior to seamlessly meld. Sounds perfect for those fall and spring days. A Brooklyn summer? Yeah, keep the doors shut.

How much? Well, it’s not for sale, and it’s the Brooklyn housing market. Look at the pictures. If you are in the market for home renovation, these types of projects always serve as great inspiration.

Until we all hit the Powerball. Then I’m calling Ensemble and telling them to go nuts on a loft.

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