Ever wanted an Airstream travel trailer? After seeing the custom ones done by Timeless Trailers, sign me up. Do press get review versions of the trailers? I’ll gladly road trip the United States with enough Instagram posts to make a Kardashian blush.

If you’re in the Denver area on June 26 and 27, you can attend the first Mecum Denver Collector Car Auction at the Colorado Convention Center. Not only will you get a look at some of the most badass rides, you can snag a piece of Airstream history.

Timeless is putting a 40′ custom Airstream trailer on the auction block. It’s not just any Airstream; the company is refurbishing one of the ten Airstreams Western Pacific commissioned for house maintenance for railroad workers in the 1960s.

“Timeless was honored to work on this amazing piece of history. We look forward to the Mecum Auction to find a new owner that will enjoy the trailer for years to come.”

Only five of the original ten are in public possession, and Timeless Trailers was able to completely refurbish one for auction.

The damn trailer looks better than my house, and I could move around the country. I’m not hinting or anything. Ok, I’m definitely hinting…

Take a look at some of the interior pictures from the Airstream up for auction.

Living Room

airstream custom living room



airstream custom bathroom

airstream custom shower


airstream custom bedtroom


airstream custom kitchen

Mercy rule Timeless. You win. The Airstreams look amazing and now, I want one…


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