It takes a lot to get Jimmy Fallon walking off the stage in embarrassment. Luckily for us, Nicole Kidman had the goods. Last night, Kidman dropped by to promote her upcoming film, Paddington, and took us on a trip down memory lane.

It turns out Fallon had every opportunity to date the actress, but he was so disinterested in their first meeting, she thought he was gay. Through a mutual friend, Rick, Kidman ended up at Jimmy’s apartment. What he didn’t know was that she was open to more than being just friends.

Instead, we get a tale of Jimmy Fallon mumbling and offering up a serious snack spread of cheese, saltine crackers and leftover Chinese food.

“I just remember I liked you,” Kidman explained. “Wait… what?” a surprised Fallon said in response, later exclaiming: “Did I date Nicole Kidman?! Was that a date?!”

Nicole Kidman was not done embarrassing Fallon. “You didn’t talk. You didn’t say anything. You were like ‘Hey, mm, mm, mm,’” she said. “So I was like, ‘Okay… so…’”

It’s definitely worth a watch, and then follow it with the ‘box of lies’ skit.

Jimmy Fallon’s interviews are known for their absurdity, but this easily takes the cringe prize.


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