Damn, The New (and Old) GTA V Content Looks Sweet
gta online updates

It’s been months since I’ve played GTA V. Hell, probably a year or more since I’ve played it consistently. But I plan on jumping back into Los Santos this weekend for the Criminal Expansion weekend and next week when the new GTA Online update lands.

I actually feel bad for ignoring GTA V this long. Yachts? Turreted Limos? Ok, that’s badass. Rockstar Games is hooking up regular players and those of us who have been missing out this weekend. The Criminal Expansion expansion brings discounts to cars, yachts, helicopters, weapons and clothing.

GTA Online turreted limo

And now I suddenly feel the urge to play GTA Online again.

A double RP playlist is also included this weekend long Criminal Expansion.

This weekend’s small update is a prelude to Tuesday’s much larger update – Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.

Yep, that $500+ million Rockstar has made off GTA Online is about to go even higher. Become CEO of a “Criminal Enterprise.” Spend real money on fake money to buy things like a high-rise office and warehouses to sell and store “a range of contraband.” You’ll also be able to buy new vehicles including the sleek Pegassi Reaper seen below.

gta online new car

Here’s how Rockstar describes the new update.

“Acquire a high-rise office and special warehouse properties to begin buying and selling a range of contraband across the city, all the while fighting the LSPD and the rest of the southern San Andreas criminal underworld for access to the rarest items and the biggest profits.”

New gameplay and other “exciting new features” are teased, but Rockstar is keeping them under wraps until the Tuesday update.

I’m going to fire up the Xbox One this weekend and cross my fingers that I have enough money to buy that turreted limo. If you’ve blitzed the open-world updates of Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3, there’s always GTA Online waiting for you.

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