Netflix knows they have us cornered. Where will I be March 18? Holed up in front of the TV for 13 hours of Daredevil season two awesomeness. The company released not only a teaser but let slip the premiere date for all of us binge watchers.

In typical Netflix fashion, we won’t be waiting long. Two months. It beats the typical Hollywood marketing of year-long marketing timeframes. Netflix has a busy content schedule that will only get more hectic. It has to balance marketing with not stepping on new properties.

While I wanted to see actual footage, you can’t deny how great the art direction looks. It melds the first season perfectly with how season two should shape out.

Daredevil Season Two

Obviously, the core cast is returning. Charlie Cox is back as Matt Murdock, the lawyer/vigilante. The big additions to this season will be Elodie Yung as Elektra and Jon Bernthal as the Punisher.

The change occurred behind the camera. Steven DeKnight moved on as the showrunner. Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez have taken over running the franchise. While most would see that as a worrying sign, Petrie and Ramirez both served as executive producers on season one.

DeKnight wanted to move on with other projects, but at least Netflix kept the show in-house. The duo knows the show, its characters and most importantly, the writers.

In addition to the premiere date and teaser, Netflix released the first marketing poster for season two.

Official popster for Daredevil season two

Daredevil was the first of four properties Netflix is producing in a deal with Marvel. Jessica Jones has already premiered to critical acclaim, and fans are waiting for Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

The four standalone shows will culminate in The Defenders. Think the Avengers but for Netflix. Keep the gritty feel and I’m sold.

I can’t wait to see the new take on the Punisher. Daredevil is cool again, and I’m sure Elodie Yung will be light years above the theatrical take on Elektra. Not a high bar by any stretch, but at least we know she can handle the fight sequences. You’ll recognize her as Jinx from GI Joe: Retaliation.

Sound off below. What do you think of the teaser? New characters? Having the Punisher in the second season has me on board already.

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