I was late jumping on board the Raza. But man, I’m glad I did. After blitzing the first season of Dark Matter on Netflix and catching up on Season 2, I need more. Syfy heard me and announced Dark Matter is getting a third season. The network also announced Killjoys is getting a third season.

If The Expanse got you hooked back on Syfy, give Dark Matter a watch. It’s solid sci-fi action with a fantastic cast. Even a couple of Stargate Atlantis actors show up.

Dark Matter cast

Dark Matter was created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie. Yep, the same Joseph Mallozzi who wrote a bunch of Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and Universe episodes.

The show follows six people (and an android) who wake up with no memory aboard a ship called the Raza. They name themselves in the order they wake up in – One through Six. What happened to their memories? Who did it? Why? I’m not telling. Watch the show and find out. Season 2 adds another badass character in Nyx.

Here’s the season 1 sneak peek.

Like what you see? Jump on Netflix and have fun binging it. And then suffer each week waiting for Friday. Damn, Netflix spoils us.

This week’s episode

Dark Matter is back with another episode tomorrow night. Here’s Syfy’s description:

The Raza is plagued by dangerous and terrifying hallucination… but is one of them to blame?

And a preview of the episode.

Yeah, they’re not going to delete the Android’s personality matrix. And when are we going to see her use the personality chip again? I loved that episode.

I wonder what Ryo is looking at though. Something is giving him pause.

What do you think? Is Dwarf Star responsible or The Seers?

Next Friday (September 9th), we get double the Dark Matter action. Two episodes will air in the lead up to September 16th’s season finale. And then the long wait for season 3 begins.

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