I’m not even sure how the hell you make a Deadpool trailer safe for work, so I wouldn’t turn this on with speakers blaring at your desk.

Ryan Reynolds decided to earn Conan a TV-MA rating last night with the ‘official’ trailer of Deadpool. Most of the footage we have seen after it leaked from Comic-Con. The new one is set to a soundtrack, along with a few additional scenes.

Other than that, you’ve seen most of this. Over-the-top violence, inside jokes and Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynolds.

And yes, he happily hates on Green Lantern. It isn’t even remotely subtle. Me? I love the trailer, but I think 20th Century Fox is rolling the dice here.



The Risk of Deadpool

Deadpool is rated R. For most fans, we are thinking hell yes. Finally, a comic book movie that lets loose. Plus, a PG-13 Deadpool? Is that even possible? He’s the ‘merc with a mouth.’

Here’s where I see the risk. One, you’ve already limited audiences with the R rating. You can argue that point but just look at the performance of Mad Max: Fury Road compared to more family-friendly films like Jurassic World. Both were amazing movies, yet the rating keeps the kiddies out of the multiplexes.

deadpool trailer

The second issue I have will earn me the ire of fans of the comics. I’m worried the jokes will wear thin. Watching the trailer has me cracking up. But can that sustain over two hours? What about on a rewatch?

Reynolds has a great delivery and is suited for the role. Where he can get his backup is with his buddy Weasel, along with Colossus. The trailer also gives us a look at Morena Baccarin’s character, Copycat, who plays Deadpool’s love interest.

Fox has to deliver with Deadpool. Will the numbers be outsized? No. And they don’t have to be. It has a perfect release date next February. For once, a major studio wises up to the fact, not every damn movie has to release in a two-month window.

February is perfect for the movie. It reminds me of the release windows for the first Taken and Olympus Has Fallen. Sure, different kind of movies, but the same R ratings. Both went on to rack up serious box office receipts.

Ryan Reynolds Resurrected

It’s good to see him back in a major release. You can argue he’s trying to revive his career the same way Matthew McConaughey did, but I like the parallel between Reynolds and Chris Evans.

Both had iffy comic book movie starts with Evans in the first set of Fantastic Four movies and Reynolds in Green Lantern. Chris Evans found his footing with Captain America which fits his style, and Deadpool looks like the vehicle for Ryan Reynolds to emerge as a blockbuster actor.

Besides, who can hate on a character wielding dual katana blades? Toss in a ton of comic book violence and you have a popcorn movie. Count me in.


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