The face of DayZ is calling it quits later this year. In comments to Eurogamer, Hall said he will exit as the Head of DayZ and leave developer Bohemia at the end of the year. From there, he will move back to his home country of New Zealand to start his own studio.

His goal? To create the perfect multiplayer game.

A lot of you are probably asking yourselves right now, what’s going to happen to DayZ? First off, it’s only February. Hall doesn’t plan on stepping down until the end of the year. That leaves about 9 months with Hall still leading his team. Plus, Hall is just one man working on DayZ. He leads a team of talented developers working on DayZ.

Hall also took to Twitter to say he won’t be leaving the DayZ project until his work is done.

It looks like Hall was just laying out a timeline of when he will be leaving Bohemia. At least this gives the developer plenty of time to prepare for his eventual exit.

DayZ has been an incredible success on Steam. The mod helped boost sales of ARMA 2 and the standalone has sold more than one million copies. The game remains in the top 3 on Steam’s top seller list and continues to average more than 30,000 players everyday.

The reaction to Dean Hall saying he’ll step down later this year has leaned negative. I think a lot of gamers frustration comes from the fact the mod had more features than the standalone game. Hall and his team spent a lot of time redeveloping the framework for DayZ. Features such as vehicles and other things weren’t available at launch. But others were, such as more explorable buildings and other features.

The DayZ team has a development roadmap on its Steam page that outlines what they plan on adding in the future. Support for user mods, playable vehicles and player created constructions in the environment among others.

Nothing changes in the near-term, but there will be a new lead for the DayZ team sooner rather than later.


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