Good god, we are actually going to have to put up with the Sprint Framily commercials? Yeah, we probably aren’t dreamin’. The DVR has been the bane of advertisers for years, and if you go by Roku CEO Anthony Wood’s comments, the days of the recording your shows will swiftly come to an end.

Wood also shrugged off competition from Apple, Amazon and Google. Speaking to the Associated Press, he said it was clear that the future of TV is streaming. It’s not all bad, I can put up with 60 second ad blocks, four times a show. It beats the never-ending litany of commercials on regular TV.

He laid out his prediction to the AP on the future on in-home entertainment. “It’s either going to be streamed to a smart TV, a gaming console or a streaming player. That’s the way people are going to watch TV. Things like DVD players are going to go away. Cable boxes are obviously going away, too. DVRs are just a stepping stone technology. When everything is on demand, you won’t have to record anything any more so that’s going to disappear.”

The CEO of Roku has already said he hasn’t had a DVR in his house in over five years. The last one broke, and now he just on demands the shows he wants to watch. As for the competition from tech titans, he shrugs it off. He points out that every time one of the big three announces a product, sales of the Roku increase.

Anthony Wood is famous for saying that DVRs would be phased out by 2020 and he’s standing by his prediction. He calls them noisy and they break. Yeah, so does your internet connection. “It’s just a much better world when you don’t have to worry about recording shows. DVRs are noisy, and they break, too.” I have a DVR and it doesn’t sound like SATA hard drive on its last leg.

So, are DVRs heading to the tech junk pile? I hope not. Nothing beats being able to fast forward through commercials while watching 24. Madison Avenue is certainly wishing for the streaming days. Brandability commercials and nothing the consumer can do about it.


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