December’s Xbox Games With Gold Actually Delivers Four Great Games

burnout paradise xbox one

Burnout Paradise would be enough. But Microsoft isn’t stopping with one great game. They’re dropping four on us in December as part of Games With Gold.

Let’s take a look:

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition – Dec 1 – 31
Outlast – Dec 16 – Jan 15
Outland (via backward compatibility) – Dec 1 -15
Burnout Paradise (via backward compatibility) – Dec 16 – 31

Damn, there isn’t a bad game on that list. And don’t sleep on Sleeping Dogs. It might not be Rockstar Games quality, but United Front Games’ take on the open world genre is fun. And its combat system is actually good. It’s a damn shame we’ll never play the sequel. Check out Waypoint’s deep dive into the plans now-closed United Front Games had for the sequel to Sleeping Dogs.

Outlast is a great game I’ll never finish. I made it about an hour in before I noped the hell away from my TV. I might try to give it another go, but I’m not promising I’ll make it any further.

Outland is the wildcard here for me. I’ve never played it, but it looks fun from the short snippets I’ve seen.

Burnout Paradise. Open world with the badass crashes to boot. Forza Horizon 3 is one of this year’s best games, but the lack of true destructibility on cars is a bummer. Instead, we have to play a game from 2008 that brings open world and awesome car crashes together. Not that I’m complaining. I’ve been hoping for Burnout Paradise to join backward compatibility ever since the feature was announced. That, and Ghost Recon games.

The only problem with the fantastic slate of December games is that January will inevitably disappoint. Unless Black Ops 2 finally makes an appearance. Make it happen, Microsoft.

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