Deezer Stitches Together Podcasts and Radio Shows
deezer podcasts

If you subscribe to Deezer, the music streaming app, you can add on-demand podcasts to your daily commute. Podcasts are becoming an increasingly lucrative medium. Both financially and for listeners.

Think Serial for reach and Entrepreneur on Fire for those wondering how lucrative a show can be.

Last October, Deezer snapped up Stitcher’s talk radio and podcast app. If you use iOS you know the native podcast app is ‘ok’ at best. There are not a lot of options, and players such as Overcast have moved into the market with more features.

Deezer is rolling out a catalog of 20,000 podcasts and radio shows from the likes of Financial Times, Radio Nova and Slate. Solid lineup. Does it need more? Yes, but props to the company for turning around the integration.

deezer adds podcasts

If you have the app, you can search the catalog on both mobile and desktop. I love the rise of mobile as much as the next person, but it’s nice to see desktop getting some love.

We are all chained to desktops for work the majority of the day. Sometimes you want the big screen feel for your favorite apps.

Deezer will continue to roll out the feature across more regions in the coming months. Expect the catalog to grow alongside it.

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