If you’ve had your eyes closed, you have missed out of the near constant barrage of VR-ready desktops and laptops. We get it Facebook. You want the Oculus to be a success. Dell is on the VR-train with its latest slate of Alienware gaming laptops. Hey, if VR fizzles, you’ll have a beast of a system. It’s win-win.

Three screen options out of Dell – a 13, 15 and 17-inch. I’ve owned a 17-inch laptop. The thing feels like they somehow folded an iMac in on itself. Portability is a loose term when talking that screen size.

Dell recognized the issue, and the 15 and 17-inch laptops underwent a redesign. Think Weight Watchers for computing. Sporting a 25% slimmer design along with anodized aluminum and magnesium should make for greater portability and build quality.

Alienware GTX 1080 vr-ready laptop

Alienware 15 and 17-inch Laptop Specs

Inside the beasts are the latest greatest bank account destroyers. The 17-inch has enough room to stuff a NvIdia GTX 1080 inside, along with the sixth generation Intel Core i7s. The 15-inch is maxed out with a GTX 1070.

Both models are outfitted with 1080p IPS screens with 120Hz refresh rates and G-sync support. No 4K option is disappointing, but should work to keep the cost down. It’s odd the XPS line already offers 4K support, but the new Alienware line is sticking with 1080p.

2667 Mhz DDR4 RAM is standard, and the larger models feature Dell’s TactX keyboards. RGB lighting for the keys is there alongside simultaneous multi-key press support (up to 10 keys at once). Damn right it’s a gaming machine.

alienware vr-ready laptop

And because no one can be trusted not to use password as your password, Dell is integrating the Windows Hello cameras in all three units. Facial recognition for your login. And Tobii eye tracking to disable backlighting on the keyboard when you look away from the screen and the ability to lock the laptop with your eyes. Give it that stern look of why the hell did The Witcher 3 just freeze.

13-inch Alienware

Those that want portability and VR-ready can snap up the 13-inch model that comes with a GTX 1060 inside. That’s the main spec difference from its larger siblings, with the RAM, storage and CPU configurable over at Dell.

alienware 15-inch laptop

All three models promise to be VR-Ready for both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.


And here’s the catch. The 15 and 17-inch models release this month but zero word on pricing. Cutting it close considering the release date is within weeks. The 13-inch model has November marked on its calendar for release.

Price will be important here. The lack of 4K strikes me as cost savings, but the GTX card alone will push the price higher. Why not go all in and have 4K support? It’s not like consumers are expecting great battery life. Having 1080p puts consumers in a position where the system is lacking a core feature of future gaming and entertainment.

It will have to be a bargain, but having the GTX GPU inside does grab my attention.

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