Cross Your Fingers Destiny 2’s Gambit Mode Plays As Good As It Looks

Bungie dropped an official trailer for the Gambit mode this morning to try and help Destiny 2 fans get over the last trailer they uploaded. What the hell Bungie? Killing Cayde? Now you’re going to make me play the Forsaken expansion just to return the favor to the asshole that shot him.

Back to Gambit. This is Bungie’s take on marrying PvE and PvP into one mode. And it looks fantastic. Let’s take a look.

Gambit pits two teams against each other, but this isn’t your standard multiplayer affair. Developers are always striving to bring new folks to multiplayer. Putting a heavier emphasis on co-op seems like the go-to for devs, and the one Bungie latched onto with Gambit.

The two teams don’t face each other much. Instead, each fight in their own arena against waves of randomly selected enemies. Each one you kill drops Motes of Light. Pick them up and put them in your bank. Cashing in on Motes of Light helps in a couple of ways. Deposit enough Motes at once, and you’ll send a “Blocker” to the opposing team’s side. Depending on how many you deposit (5, 10, 15) affects how tough the “Blocker” is.

Things get interesting when you bank 25 Motes of Light. You’re not sending a ‘Blocker’ this time. One of your team can invade the other team’s arena and wreck havoc.

The ultimate goal is to bank 75 Motes of Light. After that, you summon a Primeval. First team to take it down wins.

The invasion mechanic throws a nice wrinkle into the game mode. Do you send a Guardian over to cause trouble, or keep everyone on your side to kill the boss faster? I know one thing, the multiplayer suite Destiny 2 launched with didn’t do much for me – but Gambit sounds like a blast. I only hope it plays as good as it looks. So far, the reception to it at E3 is positive. Let’s see if it holds.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is coming on September 4th. We’ll see if Cayde is dead or if he’s Destiny “dead.”

What do you think about Gambit? Do you like the bigger focus on PvE in the mode? Let me know in the comments.