Destiny 2, where the shooting’s still good and there’s a story in-game, is coming in just three months. Most of the folks at Bungie have been busy getting the sequel to their new AAA franchise ready for months/years. Now, we know it’s all hands on deck. Including those working on balance updates to the current sandbox.

Bungie is done tinkering with the current sandbox in Destiny.

“Age of Triumph was touted as the last update to Destiny. In our constant watch over the community, we’ve heard many of you asking if the current sandbox will get another design pass. Our sole focus at this time is Destiny 2.”

Bungie’s DeeJ goes on to talk about how the team is focused on delivering “the sequel that this community deserves.” And the next three months are going to be a whirlwind. Besides the inevitable crunch most AAA games see, Bungie has E3 and a beta to push this summer. And that beta will keep them busy with the deluge of bug reports and balance issues the Destiny community will throw their way.

Destiny 2 at E3

Thousands of gamers are descending on E3 this year, and they’re going to get plenty of hands-on time once reserved only for industry folks. Ok, maybe not plenty. You know the line for Destiny 2 will be insane. But here’s what you can expect.

Remember all the stuff Bungie showed at the Destiny 2 gameplay premiere? The Homecoming mission, Countdown (Crucible mode), and The Inverted Spire (Strike mission) will all be playable again. Bungie is tossing a little something new in with the new Arcstrider Hunter being playable this go around.

Plus, we should probably expect Destiny 2 to have a big showing at PlayStation’s E3 conference. Also, keep an eye out for when the beta kicks off. Let’s all cross our fingers for a “start playing the beta today” announcement.

I’ll also be on the lookout for more details on the PC version release date. We’ll see what Bungie and Activision have to say on that front. For those not keeping up on all the news, Destiny 2 is coming September 8 on Xbox One and PS4. But it gets murky with the PC version. Here’s what Activision said in a press release last month:

In September, Destiny 2 will be available on PlayStation 4 systems with additional, timed exclusive content, and Xbox One (PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription, respectively, required for significant features). Additionally, Destiny 2 will be available on PC at retail and as the first third-party game to be offered digitally via Battle.net, Blizzard Entertainment’s online gaming service.

It gets even murkier when you take a look at Blizzard’s FAQ on Destiny 2:

“Where and when will Destiny 2 on PC be available?”

“We’re excited to work with Bungie to bring the PC version of Destiny 2 to every region Blizzard currently operates in. Bungie is actively working through the global details. We look forward to sharing additional information later this year.”

Hopefully, Bungie/Activision do some clarifying at E3, and the PC version comes soon after September 8. Who am I kidding? I’ll probably double dip anyways.

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