Destiny 2’s raid bosses aren’t supposed to fall this fast. On Sunday, YouTuber Gladd showcased a build that’ll rip through the game’s toughest enemies with a couple of shotgun blasts and a few punches.

Gladd does a quick rundown before showing the build in action. The important part here is you’ll need a Hunter for it to work. That’s because the punching build is built around access to the Liar’s Handshake exotic gauntlets, which only Hunters can equip. The counterpunch ability tied to the gauntlets lets Hunters hit much harder than usual. What makes the build even more powerful is a glitch that makes the counterpunch ability permanent when picking up an item after the ability triggers.

Combine those gauntlets with a shotgun using the ‘One-Two Punch’ perk (boosts melee damage after it’s fired), the Striking Hand armor mod, and the Tractor Cannon and you have one hell of a melee boss fighting build.

Gladd’s build also takes advantage of the Solstice of Heroes event going on right now. Enemies are dropping elemental orbs which give special buffs like bonus speed and melee damage for Arc subclasses.

When all of this comes together, Gladd and his team can punch raid bosses for up to 999,999 damage. “These are some of the fastest (if not the fastest) kills you’ll ever see in the game, thanks to the Solstice Arc buffs,” Gladd writes in a Reddit post.

Which also means his self-described “most powerful build Destiny has ever seen” will only be as powerful for as long as the Solstice event is going on.

If you’re itching for some fast raid boss hunting, now is the time. With the glitch in the wild, it’s only a matter of time before Bungie smacks it down. Or, until the Solstice of Heroes event wraps up. C’mon Bungie, let folks have their fun this month.

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