One of the most hyped games in recent years finally hits tomorrow. Destiny. You’ve played the beta, seen the popped hoods and now you can finally get your hands on it. When most people think of Destiny, they think of the Xbox One or PS4. Well, mostly the PS4 since Sony partnered with Activision for Destiny.

Microsoft couldn’t advertise Destiny, but kinda did in a fun non-ad poking fun at their inability to advertise it.

While the focus is squarely on next-gen, Xbox boss Phil Spencer gave Bungie credit for what they did on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. A fan was disappointed he could not afford an Xbox One to experience Destiny in “the best way.” Spencer responded with, “I wouldn’t dismiss the 360 or PS3 versions, Bungie did a lot of work to make those great.”

As with most recent big titles, developers and publishers have opted for cross-gen release in order to take advantage of the huge consumer base on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Those of you planning on upgrading later this year, Bungie has your back. Buy the digital version of Destiny tomorrow on PS3 or Xbox 360 and you get a free next-gen upgrade to the same family of consoles until January 15, 2015. Guardians, progress, stats and gear will carry over if you choose to upgrade.

Finally, if timed DLC sways your purchase decision, the Playstation version of Destiny gets one PvP map and one Strike mission exclusive until next fall.

Need your Destiny fix now? Check out the Destiny page on Twitch for dozens of live streams.


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