Microtransactions. It’s the term that most gamers recoil at, especially when it comes to AAA games. But plenty of games have them. Everything from Battlefield to Assassin’s Creed. Destiny is the latest to adopt microtransactions per a Bungie blog post this afternoon. And don’t worry, Destiny isn’t becoming a pay to win game.

“Our goal is to continue creating experiences that will keep the game fresh, fun and surprising. Today, we wanted to share with you a new element we’re incorporating into Year Two of Destiny,” writes Bungie’s DeeJ.

It‘s called Eververse Trading Company. Tess Everis is returning to the Tower on October 13th and will offer eighteen new emotes.

DeeJ is quick to calm Destiny fans’ nerves. “If you’re not interested in what Tess has to offer, you won’t ever be forced to pluck an item off of her shelf. You’ll still receive updates to the game, and you won’t lose a Crucible encounter or fail to clear a Raid because you didn’t have the right Eververse Trading Company emote equipped,” DeeJ writes.

To get the new emotes, you’ll need to purchase a new in-game currency called ‘Silver.’ Each emote will have images and descriptions of each so you can make sure you like what you are buying.

Why microtransactions and why now?

“Our plan is to use these new items to bolster the service provided by our live team for another full year, as they grow and create more robust and engaging events that we’ll announce later this year,” DeeJ writes. “It has been, and continues to be, our goal to deliver updates to the game. Going forward, our live team is also looking to grow beyond vital updates and improvements to focus on world events, experiences, and feature requests.”

How DLC is handled is changing. I’m not saying the days of paid DLC are done, but cracks are starting to show. Take Halo 5: Guardians for example. They are opting for microtransactions versus charging for DLC. Rainbow Six: Siege is also offering free maps post release. This is a win-win for us. If you want the cosmetic items, go for it. But substantial post release content is available for everyone. That means less money to spend, and it keeps the community together. Nothing’s worse than a community fragmented by paid DLC.

Still not sure about Destiny’s microtransactions? Bungie is going to drop enough free Silver into everyone’s account for you to buy one or two emotes. The next time you purchase Destiny content, it will Destiny 2 in the fall of 2016.

A welcome trend

When 343 Industries announced all DLC maps will be free for Halo 5: Guardians, I couldn’t believe it. Then Ubisoft announced the same with Rainbow Six: Siege. And now, Bungie is offering free content until next Fall thanks to microtransactions.

It’s an awesome trend that I hope more games adopt. There are two games that could break paid DLC’s back. Call of Duty and Battlefield/Battlefront. Could you imagine if Call of Duty offered free maps? The days of paid DLC would be pretty much over. Will it happen? Who knows. Halo 5: Guardians is guaranteed to be a huge success. I’m more interested to see how Rainbow Six: Siege fares. Not charging for maps was a smart move on Ubisoft’s part.

Let me know what you think of AAA games adopting microtransactions. As long as it never ventures into pay to win, I’m 100 percent on board with them.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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