IGN has been providing exclusive coverage for Destiny throughout the month as part of their IGN First feature. Today, we get our first footage of the Xbox One version of Destiny running at 1080p. Granted, it’s YouTube footage so there’s plenty of compression. It would be nice if Gamersyde could get a hold of the raw footage.

Why is this a big deal? The console war has been dominated by gamers picking apart the Xbox One because of its sub-1080p titles.

Xbox One owners will get their shot at Destiny’s beta later this week. It’s worth noting that the Xbox One beta will run at 900p. The beta build is an earlier one and doesn’t take advantage of the June update which freed up some additional graphics power for developers.

“No the beta will run at 900p so it’s a little less, but rest assured by ship we’ll have it at 1080,” Bungie Graphics Engineer Chris Tchou tells IGN in the video above.

The above footage looks great and it’s nice to see graphics parity across the two systems.

If you’ve played the PS4 beta, give us your thoughts in the comments below. I think it’s a fantastic game. There’s some balance issues in the multiplayer, but nothing that can’t be addressed by launch.


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