No one can argue the success of Destiny. Some may not like it, but many still do. A quick look at my friends list at night still shows 20 people playing it every night.

Today, those players will be excited to hear Destiny’s first expansion, ‘The Dark Below,’ will release on December 9. Standalone pricing sits at $19.99. ‘The Dark Below’ is the first of two expansions that are part of the $34.99 season pass.

Let’s look at what comes with ‘The Dark Below.’ Besides new weapons and armor, the light level cap will increase to 32. Five new bounty slots are also being added.

There’s also new story content through a new vendor character, Eris. She sends you on a mission against the Hive to stop Crota from taking over the solar system. Story and Destiny in the same sentence? Yeah, I’m not expecting much.

Fans of the Crucible get three new arenas – The Pantheon, The Cauldron and Skyshock. One new strike comes to all players, called The Will of Crota. Playstation owners get another exclusive strike, called The Undying Mind.

A new six-player raid called Crota’s End, which takes place in Hellmouth, is also coming in December.

Now, let’s talk price. $20 seems a bit steep at first glance, but it really doesn’t differ too much from other DLC packs. Take Battlefield 4’s Dragon’s Teeth map pack for example. Four multiplayer maps and new weapons costs $15. $20 doesn’t sound too bad now.

I think the problem lies in how people play a game like Destiny.

With Battlefield, DLC is multiplayer-focused. If you play a ton of Battlefield 4 multiplayer, you’ll get your money’s worth with four multiplayer maps.

In Destiny, some players might only play PvE content – specifically strikes. If you’re an Xbox One owner, you would pay $20 for one strike. That does feel like a rip-off. Or, maybe you play Crucible exclusively. 3 maps for $20? Yep, still too much. It’s only a good value if you play everything.

And, many people do. But, I would imagine the people scoffing at the price today play Crucible, but not Raids – or vice versa.


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