Everyone has their own opinion on what matters in video games. Some want the best graphics. Others believe gameplay trumps all. Destiny’s production director Jonty Barnes also believes gameplay is more important than graphics at the end of the day.

“It always used to be about graphics, and though 1080p and 60Hz are still out there, and as platform providers get competitive around those things it seems to magnify the importance of it,” Barnes told The Sixth Axis in a recent interview.

“But it isn’t about that,” Barnes adds. “It’s actually what is an awesome gameplay experience for the player and anything that gets in the way of the best player experience is baggage. I’m quoting directly from Bungie co-founder Jason Jones there. And, you know, as we’ve seen over the last few years, computer games are so much better, they’re so much higher quality, and it’s much more about the experience and less about those statistics.”

Barnes’ response came after being asked about the concern many fans are showing about the small number of locations in Destiny and how Bungie is responding to it.

For those not following Destiny closely, there are four areas to explore in Destiny. Earth, the Moon, Venus and Mars. Jones had this to say about the number of areas in Destiny. “I mean, when people think of it as being four things, it’s really hard for them to understand the real estate that is there and the complexity of all the different spaces that you can visit,” Jones said.

“Then, when you add it to another layer, which is that you may be going back to places that are familiar to you, but there’s going to be completely different activities for you to participate in. So you’ll be getting a very different experience even though you get some familiarity. We actually like that property, because we want people to be able to navigate and go through things.”

I agree that gameplay should be most important. But, why can’t we have both? Many in the gaming community figured when the next slate of consoles came out, 1080p/60fps would just be standard. It wouldn’t even be a big deal.

Eventually, we’ll get there. I think the development of titles across generations of platforms is what’s holding some games back right now. The exclusives will shine over the next year or so, and then the third-party games after they transition to Xbox One and PS4 only.

Head on over to The Sixth Axis to read their full interview with Jonty Barnes.

Bungie’s latest title will hit consoles on September 9.


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