Bungie has given its Destiny website a fresh coat of paint. And with the redesign, comes a few more pieces of info about the title’s classes, locales and enemies.

Short videos for the Titan, Warlock and Hunter give some brief glimpses of new footage. The new website also gives some additional information on the foes you’ll be facing including the Fallen, Hive, Vex and Cabal.

Four destinations are listed on Destiny’s website. They are Earth, the Moon, Venus and Mars. No word on additional locales, but I imagine if there are more, we’ll be hearing about them soon.

A beta is planned for Destiny this summer. Sony platforms get first dibs on the beta with Xbox platforms shortly after. Pre-ordering will guarantee you access to the beta, but I imagine it will go completely open before it ends.

Bungie has been quiet on the competitive multiplayer side of Destiny. I’m interested to see what kind of E-sports impact Destiny could have. Call of Duty dominates the console shooter scene. There’s definitely room for another shooter, especially after Call of Duty: Ghosts’ disappointment.

After watching the individual class vids, it does look like theatre mode is coming back. Some of the camera angles and pauses look just like they did in previous Halo games. Maybe I’m just seeing things, but theatre is one feature I want to see in Destiny.

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