It’s no secret really. Google / YouTube have been rumored to be entering the music streaming business for a while now. Today, these rumors got a whole lot more concrete. Leaked screens from Android Police out the streaming service.

It’s called YouTube Music Key and according to Android Police, Google will rebrand Google Play Music All Access to Google Play Music Key.

Here’s the details from the report.

It’s a $10 monthly service that will let you play YouTube songs ad-free, allow offline playback and the ability to use YouTube in audio-only mode. That last one is huge and a must in order to allow playback when your phone is locked or when using other apps.

YouTube Music Key will also offer users a 30-day trial period to see how they like it. The screenshots over at Android Police (I’ve included one above) show YouTube Music Key running on an Android device.

The evidence continues to pile up in the report with YouTube Music Key domains registered by Google Inc.

That’s pretty much it. You can read over the Android Police report to get a bit more context about YouTube Music Play.

Now, the big question. Is this a game changer in the crowded music streaming arena? I believe so. The sheer amount of content YouTube could offer would trump other streaming options. Concert performances, remixes, etc.

Royalty payments could dictate how much content YouTube can offer, though. A recent Billboard report points to disputes between YouTube and big acts including Adele and Arctic Monkeys. As of June, major independent labels have not reached agreements on royalty payments.

What happens to music from labels who have not agreed on royalty payments when YouTube Music Key launches? According to YouTube execs via Billboard, the songs get taken down.


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