Zombies slowly making their way toward you? I’d say run, but Hollywood logic is you grab the garden rake and go to work. Or, in the case of World War Z, you keep your damn cell phone ringer on, and the zombies have feasted on PEDs.

Doesn’t matter, because where there isn’t a problem, there’s an awesome solution. The Devolro Diablo. Never thought of a Toyota Tundra as a mean ass pick up truck? That’s where the madness of Devolro comes in.

Mad Max With a Devolro Diablo

Starting with a 2016 Toyota Tundra Crewmax, everything listed on the sticker in the showroom is out. Replacing the paint job is a complete Line-X coating to make it scratch-proof, tough and instantly recognizable taking your kids to soccer practice.

Devolro Diablo front

If Line-X isn’t enough, the company offers an array of armoring options. The B6 armor specifications have all the hallmarks of awesome. The floor can withstand your neighbor rolling a grenade under your truck.

Angry spouse? Opt for the exhaust system with a wire mesh tailpipe to prevent foreign objections being inserted into the tailpipe. No reason to become a 20/20 special.

Need armored windows? Done and you keep the powered option. Anyone remember the last time you were in a car with manual window cranks?

Devolro Diablo interior controls

In total, the armor option works out to be complete protection from an angry mob outfitted with AK-47s. It goes without saying if you’re ordering this for a suburban home, you should get a new realtor or turn off Alex Jones.

Mean Luxury in the Devolro Diablo

We know it can take a grenade and multiple shots from an AK. We need some speed to get out of those crazy situations. That’s accomplished with a 5.7L V8 paired with a TRD supercharger outputting 530HP.

All that power rests on a custom 7-inch suspension lift. Hey, you need clearance when rolling over the post-apocalyptic horde. The Tundra’s stock headlights have been replaced by Devolro’s custom bi-xenon headlights to help you navigate any SHTF scenario.

Devolro Diablo interior options

Not wanting to live life as a nomad? Good, the interior filled with the latest in luxury appointments. Alcantara leather seats and your choice of polished wood accents or carbon fiber. Sound deadening is integrated throughout the cabin for those not wanting to hear the world go to hell.

And it keeps in the custom 3KW sound system. Extreme? Sure, but you know it’s also badass.

The price is as extreme as the Diablo. $200,000 for the super truck without the armor. Damn, and here I thought it would be nice to have it standard on my trips to Walmart. Hey, it gets crazy in Alabama. You just don’t know…

Head over to the Devolro to see the complete option list. Anything you can think up, the team already has it on the Tundra. It’s damn expensive, but you know it’s a blast to drive around.

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