I haven’t played Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls for a few months, but that’s changing tonight. Patch 2.3.0 is live and with it comes a new zone, exciting new features and plenty of loot. Let’s dive into the changes.

There’s a New Zone

The Ruins of Sescheron offers new enemies, traps and more as you uncover the mysteries of the forgotten Barbarian site. To get there, head over to Act III, open the map and look to the top right. You should see The Ruins of Sescheron waypoint.

Ruins of Sescheron

Inside The Ruins of Sescheron lies the biggest new feature to hit Diablo 3.

Kanai’s Cube Opens Up Endless Possibilities

Ask any Diablo fan what they are most excited about for Patch 2.3.0 and this is the top answer. Located within The Ruins of Sescheron, Kanai’s Cube is a brand new artisan that offers several game-changing recipes to you. To get it, talk to Zoltun Kulle. He’ll get you started on the quest to acquire it. Here’s how Kanai’s Cube is going to change Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

Kanai's cube feature

You can now extract Legendary powers. This is the feature I’m most excited for. It destroys the item but adds the Legendary power to a catalogue of collected powers. Kanai’s Cube lets you equip three Legendary powers at a time – one weapon, one armor and one Jewelry power. So long Royal Ring of Grandeur.

These powers are limited to your class, so don’t expect to equip Monk powers if you’re a Crusader.

Wish your legendary sword was just a bit better? Now you can reforge it. It completely re-rolls a legendary item. It will be as if it dropped for the first time. Be careful, though. Reforging a legendary could make it re-roll as a non-Ancient piece of gear. Make sure you have the materials you need in case this happens.

You can also upgrade a Rare item to Legendary. If there’s a pesky legendary you just can’t seem to find, try upgrading a rare item of the equipment type you’re looking for. You’ll get a randomized legendary for that item’s equipment type. It can’t be any worse than gambling with Kadalla, can it?

Finally, we can do something with extra Set items. Nothing is worse than almost having a complete Set, only to find a piece you already have. Kanai’s Cube lets you convert a Set item to a randomized piece from the same Set. It’s not a guarantee you’ll get what you are looking for, but it’s better than nothing.

Get the gems and materials you want. Convert 9 of any color gem to 9 of any other color. You can also convert 100 normal, magic or rare Crafting Materials to 100 of another type of non-legendary Crafting material.

A Streamlined Adventure Mode

One of Blizzard’s main goals with Patch 2.3.0 is to streamline portions of the game. One area they put a lot of focus on is Adventure Mode. For crafting, Blizzard opted to remove low-level crafting materials. Now, there’s just one tier to collect. The cost of crafting has also been reduced with the Blacksmith and his recipes condensed for rare items. The Jeweler saw similar revisions with gem recipes cut from 19 to 9.

Blizzard also wanted to improve the pacing and encourage players to keep playing various acts. Only one bonus act will be active at any time. Once completed, a new bonus act will activate. Completing a bonus act will reward you with a bonus cache. Horadric caches and bonus caches were also improved to add act-specific crafting material. Horadric caches also now guarantee two Legendary or Set recipes.

Instead of a Forgotten Soul, you’ll need act-specific crafting materials to craft level 70 Legendary and Set items.

Damn. Blizzard is determined to get everyone to play all the Acts more.

Improvements to Rifts

Blizzard is also adjusting the two Rift modes. Nephalem Rifts no longer require Keystones. And the Realm of Trials has been removed. Now, you can select the highest Greater Rift you have completed, or one tier higher.

nephalem rift update

As for the Greater Rifts themselves? Blizzard made several new adjustments. After tier 42, the amount of Blood Shards dropped upon completion has been increased. The number of guaranteed Legendary items also sees a bump in Greater Rifts starting at tier 50. Don’t worry, Blizzard has significantly reduced monster damage above tier 25.

The Conduit Pylon was also adjusted some. Instead of 15 seconds, the Conduit Pylon lasts 30 seconds. The damage is now based on the Greater Rift tier you are in, and it has been reduced on bosses and Rift Guardians.

New Loot Baby!

It’s not a new Diablo patch unless there’s new loot. Three new sets have been added. Check them out below.

Seeker of the Light (Crusader)

seeker of the light set

Uliana’s Stratagem (Monk)

Ulianas Stratagem set

Spirit of Arachyr (Witch Doctor)

Spirit of Arachyr set

Two old sets were also updated.

Helltooth Harness (Witch Doctor)

helltooth harness update

Vyr’s Amazing Arcana

vyrs amazing arcana update

And there’s a whole bunch of new and updated legendaries. I’ll take this shield with the new Crusader set.

Season Journey Adds Flair

I mostly play on Xbox One, but there are some new additions coming to season mode (PC only). Season Journey adds new goals and achievements via chapters and tiers.

“While most season rewards are unlocked by completing chapters, there’s plenty of prestige behind conquering tiers – signified with exclusive portrait frames,” says community manager Blake Hall.

Season Journey will be available once Season 4 starts on August 28 at 5 pm PT.

I’ve been looking forward to Patch 2.3.0 ever since I first heard about Kanai’s Cube. Besides introducing new features and a new zone, Patch 2.3.0 includes plenty of ‘quality of life’ improvements for Diablo fans. I’ll be grabbing Kanai’s Cube later tonight and will let you know what I think of the new patch later this week.

You can read about all of the fixes and adjustments coming to each class here.

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