One of the last major providers has inked a deal to carry the SEC Network. Folks across the south with DirecTV can breathe a sigh of relief. The satellite company and ESPN have reached a deal. They cut it a little close there, didn’t they?

Before today’s DirecTV deal, the SEC Network reached over 60 million households. Now? The network has a reach of 87 million households.

Details of the deal were not revealed. All that’s important is that pretty much every house in the SEC has access to a provider for the SEC Network before the first game between Texas A&M and South Carolina kicks off on August 28.

While football gets all the headlines, the SEC Network will also bring 75 games for baseball and over 100 games in men’s basketball and 60 in women’s basketball.

“With opening day now firmly in sight, we are happy to count DIRECTV, the country’s largest satellite provider, among our many distributors for the SEC Network,” said SEC Commissioner Mike Slive.

For states in the SEC, the SEC Network will be included in DirecTV’s “Choice” tier. The satellite provider hasn’t decided how it will offer the SEC Network in states outside the conference.

Partnering up with the SEC is a major win for ESPN. The SEC has 7 teams in the top 25 rankings right now. Granted, that will get shuffled around once the season gets underway, but the SEC has proved itself as the top conference in recent years.

DirecTV’s Dan York mentioned the strength of the SEC conference in a statement. “The depth of SEC competition and the quality ESPN brings to game production and complementary programming makes SEC Network a valuable addition to our sports programming lineup, and we’re excited to bring it into our customers’ homes and on their devices.”

There are still two more carriers that haven’t officially signed a deal. Verizon FIOS and Charter Communications. Charter is in the process of finalizing a deal with ESPN and the SEC Network. No word on Verizon FIOS.


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