Divinity: Original Sin was a critical and fan hit when it released last year. Now, a new audience is going to get their hands on it. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

Larian Studios announced the news in the short clip below.

The Enhanced Edition includes a redesigned interface, split-screen co-op, tweaks to the combat system and more. The biggest issue for any PC game is getting it to play well with just a controller. Blizzard showed isometric RPGs can play great on a controller and saw huge sales. Larian Studios is hoping for a similar reception to their acclaimed title.

The developers aren’t abandoning their Kickstarter backers. You will get the Enhanced Edition as part of a free update.

As for when all this will go down? Larian Studios is mum on a release date. E3 is right around the corner, though. I’m sure we’ll hear something then.

3 More PC Games I Would Like To See On Consoles

Divinity: Original Sin’s move to consoles got me thinking about what other games I would like to see on Xbox One and PS4.

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program oozes personality. It’s all about building spaceships and keeping your Kerbals alive.

Jebediah Kerman

Dammit, Jebediah. I’m not losing you!

Once you figure out how to reach orbit, you can start creating bigger ships and exploring the solar system.

Kerbal Space Program just officially released, so a potential console release probably isn’t even on the developers radar right now. Maybe one day.


Ahh, my favorite buggy game right now. I’ve logged more than 200 hours on H1Z1. I know, I have a problem. But, it’s a blast with friends.

The open-world survival genre continues to prove its popularity on PC. A quick look at Steam’s stats page shows Rust, H1Z1 and Day Z in the top 30 games. Can this popularity translate to consoles? I don’t see why not.

Path of Exile

Diablo 3 was a hit on Xbox One and PS4. Path of Exile is also an action RPG, loot-based game. It’s presentation might not match Diablo 3, but many players will argue it’s a deeper game.

What about you? What PC games would you like to see come over to PS4 and Xbox One? Let’s focus on games where a controller would be viable. DOTA 2 probably wouldn’t work.


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