Someone sign them up for AARP stat.

It’s a nice way to celebrate a birthday. As DJI turns 10; the company turned to renowned art book publisher teNeues for Above the World: Earth Through A Drone’s Eye.

Ten years of the best images captured by the best photographers using DJI equipment. It’s a bird’s eye view of iconic images you can only capture with a drone platform. Or renting a helicopter for the day and explain why the hell you’re hovering next to a certain building.

Let’s just say DJI and other drone makers have opened up the world to photographers most of us have only dreamed of. That image across the valley used to involve a hike and a climb. Now, it’s a tablet and a drone.

You choose the camera from a GoPro all the way to a Hasselblad. Damn right I wish I had the new Hasselblad / DJI combination. Will stick with my Phantom 3 Pro and some After Effects trickeration to grab lightning pictures. Still, I can dream.

DJI and Above the World: Earth Through A Drone’s Eye

If you lack inspiration and something nice to put on your coffee table, DJI has the answer with Above the World: Earth Through A Drone’s Eye.

DJI Above the World: Earth Through a Drone's Eye

Locations are as a diverse as the photographers. You’ll see incredible shots from the United States to Dubai. China to Italy. Photographers known for their landscape or HDR work like Trey Ratcliff and Elia Locardi became drone enthusiasts and have images featured throughout.

Famed aerial photographers traded in the helicopter for DJI equipment to capture their art. You’ll get a glimpse of the work from the likes of Cameron Davidson and George Steinmetz.

DJI made sure the book wasn’t about professionals doing amazing work. The company’s SkyPixel community is heavily featured, show that anyone can capture iconic images. Non-professionals are as capable of capturing great images like the pros. Besides, the famed photographers were non-professionals in the beginning. DJI wants that point hammered home as it turns 10 and looks to reflect on what’s passed and where the community moves forward.

The announcement of the book pushes a sign up for information when it releases. On Amazon, it has a price of $75 with a release of September 15. If you like to abuse the Amazon Prime program, you can preorder it. Those in Cologne for Photokina can take a stroll to the DJI booth to see the book up close before buying.

And you’ll get a chance to hopefully get a peek at what DJI has up its sleeve for the end of the month announcement. If you hear a rep accidentally slip up and say ‘Mavic’ get damn excited. We’ll have a new drone to play with by the end of the year.

DJI has a great 10-year anniversary page up for those wanting a walk down memory lane. Not sure I needed to be reminded I’m getting older, but it’s a great history of the company.

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