It may not be a new Phantom camera drone, but DJI and RYZE are riding the unrelenting wave of Avengers: Endgame hype with the release of an Iron Man edition of the Tello drone. If you have kids who are looking to get into the drone hobby and love Iron Man, here’s the perfect gift at $129.

What sets it apart from other Tello drones? It’s all about Iron Man with the custom design centered around Tony Stark’s Mark Mark 85 armor for the upcoming movie. RYZE reworked the Tello App to include a new Hero mode featuring Stark’s AI assistant, FRIDAY. With DJI flight technology and prop guards, learning to fly is easy with missions centered around the character.

It doesn’t stop with flips and various trick shots. The Iron Man Tello is packed with tutorials to teach kids how to program using Python and Scratch, a visual programming language.

Avengers: Endgame arrives in movie theaters around the world from April 24, 2019, but until then, join in on the action with the new Tello Iron Man Edition, available at DJI and official retail partners in United States, Canada and across Europe, at a retail price of $129/€139/£129.

Each Tello Iron Man Edition box comes with one Tello Iron Man Edition drone, two sets of spare propellers, one battery and a USB charging cable.

Here’s one more look at Avengers: Endgame as we all rush to find tickets.

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