It’s back-to-school time, and DJI is jumping on the bandwagon of deals and specials. The company has teamed up with OnePlus for a few limited combos. Nearly every hobbyist drone or Osmo has some deal attached to it. Like everything, some are worth it, while others, you’re better off getting DJI’s actual combos.

DJI + OnePlus

First up is the OnePlus collaboration. Two options include buying the Spark along with a OnePlus backpack for $538. The Spark’s Fly More combo also comes with bag, but heads towards $699. You also land the RC, extra batteries, props and prop guards. For the full Spark experience, the Fly More combo offers that.

It’s the Mavic Pro + OnePlus Backpack where you might want to hit pause. It hits $1,028 and for a near professional drone in the Mavic Pro, I’d opt for the actual Mavic Pro Fly More Combo. It’s $1299 but includes a bag, two extra batteries, props, charging hub and car charger. This is the better deal unless you just have to have the OnePlus backpack. You’ll want three batteries over a cool bag anytime.

There is an Osmo Mobile + OnePlus 5 phone combo, but I find it hard to believe anyone is paying attention to anyone but Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 release at this point. There is a combo for $342 featuring the OnePlus backpack and Osmo Mobile. The Osmo Mobile’s case is horrible, so if you are looking for something to carry a new Osmo Mobile around, it’s a solid deal.

dji summer deals

DJI Summer Deals

Outside the OnePlus deals, the entire fleet has extras instead of price cuts. I know, who doesn’t want a price cut? The DJI Spark comes with two free skins and a T-shirt for $499. The Mavic Pro at $999 comes with two skins and a landing pad. Hey, I could use one of those.

The DJI Goggles are listed at the same $449 price but are actually in stock. I think that is the summer deal. They do exist…

Keeping the drone deals rolling is the Phantom SE is finally available in the US. If you want the equivalent of a Phantom 3 Pro, you can have it for $599. For me, it’s the true starter drone, and I know the Phantom 3 series is built like a damn tank. Or we at least treated it like it was.

For more professional level results, the Phantom 4 Advanced finally found its price point at $1,199. You lose the 5.8Ghz band and a few sensors, but it actually makes financial sense being away from the Phantom 4 Pro in pricing.

Those opting for the Phantom 4 Pro get the most extras for $1499. Prop guards, two prop sets and a landing pad. All three you’ll use. Trust me. You think a Phantom can’t do a front flip on landing? Ask my dad. And unless you want your phantom smelling like a pine forest, the prop guards are very necessary for my front yard.

Nothing in the sales sheet screams new announcement, and word from DJI is they are comfortable letting the current units fly off the shelf. Let me know in the comments what you think the best deals are for DJI’s Endless Summer event. Be sure to check out our guide of the best drones for sale in 2017.

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