Fans of DJI are yelling ‘finally’ this morning after the drone maker announced that new orders of the Mavic Pro will ship before January 18th. Here’s hoping a deluge of orders doesn’t cause the date to slip, but the company seems to have ironed out the kinks in the manufacturing process. And supply has caught up with demand. Unless there are a ton of holiday gift cards floating about.

The Mavic Pro was slated to be the company’s counter to GoPro’s Karma but instead ended up being the only real game in town for high-end portability. The Karma was pulled from the shelves, and its return to the market is uncertain at best.

If you’ve been waiting for the shipping date to ease, your hopes have been answered with the news out of DJI today. Pricing for the Mavic starts at $999 and hits $1299 for the ‘Fly More’ combo. The extra $300 nets you two extra batteries, a car charger, battery hub, extra props and a shoulder bag. It may fit in an over-sized pocket, but it’s not an ideal carrying solution.

DJI Mavic Pro shipping

Mavic Pro Waterproof?

File this under don’t try this at home, but it seems the Mavic Pro can survive a crash into the water.

Ah, the old trusty rice trick. Many cell phones have been saved with a bag of rice. And a couple of TV remotes. What? We are a bit clumsy around the house. And you’d be shocked at how little water can render a Comcast remote useless.

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The good news is the Mavic Pro is shipping. Those that haven’t received their order from weeks or months ago should get the shipping confirmation and be the proud owner of a Mavic Pro in the next 7-10 business days. Now we wait and see if DJI can hold true to the date.

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