Update 9/27: It’s here.

Update 9/24: Another Youtube video hint. Jon and Marcus travelling to NYC with three drones. We see the Phantom 4 in the frame. The other two? Could be Marcus also has a Phantom 4. Or DJI is releasing variants of the Mavic or refresh on a current line. Could it be the Inspire 2? Yep, I’m ready for the 27th.

Teaser video. Leaked images? A special guest for the event. DJI is borrowing the suspense we all once shared for smartphone events and hoping companies will say, ‘one more thing…’

September 27th at 11:30 am will be the unveiling of the DJI Mavic. And we can bet on the Mavic being an ultra-portable drone thanks to a well-placed tease. Professional skier Jon Olsson announced in a vlog he would be on hand to talk about a ‘new product’ from DJI.

Notice the case? Small doesn’t begin to describe it. And having Olsson there plays into the invitations sent out to “rediscover adventure with DJI” and the new product being an “adventure at your fingertips.”

That video is about as direct confirmation as you’ll get before the unveiling the target is to slam the door on the GoPro Karma in regards to portability. Granted, GoPro has some other features going for it, namely the ability to detach the camera. But adventure cameras are taking hit after hit as smartphones become more rugged.

That’s not to say the Karma won’t sell well. I think it has promise, but the company left a giant opening on pricing. Being priced at a Phantom 4 for the full kit hopefully means DJI has room to work with, and it sits midrange of the Phantom 3 line.

Deconstructing the DJI Mavic Teaser Video

Yeah, let’s watch it one more time.

Now let’s play Internet detective at the flashes of the product.

DJI Mavic object avoidance

My take is object avoidance. Something that’s missing in the GoPro Karma. I’m not saying the object avoidance is the must-have feature, but it can save you from those oops moments. Don’t test it on the Phantom 4. It’s there to help, not save your ass when you want to see if it will stop before you hit your house at full speed. Be reasonable.

DJI Mavic camera shell

It confirms the earlier leaked images that the camera will have a protective shell. My concern would be flaring off the shell, but it’s hard to imagine DJI releasing a product into the wild with that being an issue. Drones are aerial photography and videography platforms. They know it and keep pushing the camera tech forward.

dji mavic front

Plus, having a professional skier at the event confirms the Mavic will have some form of weather resistance.

There are plenty of other frames in the video, but it’s quick cut central and hard to discern anything from frame grabs. Was it necessary to let Michael Bay into the editing studio?

DJI Mavic Leaked Images

There are images (Imgur) floating about of the DJI Mavic. Go forth and get your Google on for those wanting to be possibly spoiled. If they are legit, the Mavic is damn tiny. And it fits with the case shown off in Jon Olsson’s vlog. The Mavic would be handheld.

One concern about size is battery life. GoPro’s Karma lists ‘up to 20 minutes.’ The Mavic looks smaller, but DJI has been ticking up with the battery tech. Plus, you know they will offer a charging station for multiple batteries. It’ll be an extra cost but also a bonus for those wanting more.

And please have the case set up for extra batteries.

Inspire 2? Phantom 4 Pro or 5?

Most press events never focus on one product. They have their marquee product to push at the end, but the build up is refreshes. I still think we see the Inspire 2 and possibly a Phantom 4 Pro at the event. The price cuts on both have been too extensive of late – in particular on the DJI Inspire not to see a refresh.

DJI could pull the normal tech move of reminding everyone why they are a market leader and lead the press event with a new Phantom 4 SKU and an Inspire 2. Then drop the Mavic on users who want a drone for maximum portability.

Nothing is confirmed there, but you don’t have extended 30% discounts for the hell of it unless something is replacing the vacated pricing. Even if the both are MIA from the event, don’t be shocked to see your inbox get hit with announcements of both sooner rather than later.

Still, it’d be badass to see all three on stage. DJI will be livestreaming the event at 11:30 am ET on September 27.

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