Update (9/18): DJI now has a teaser video up that will have enthusiasts pouring over each frame. 

Update: Now we have an actual event date. September 27th at 11am. DJI’s Adventure at Your Fingertips. Those ‘leaked images could be raining on the Karma’s parade. Or the 15th could be a soft launch and the 27th lends itself to the premium drones – Phantom 4s and the Inspire series. The title screams Mavic and it could be the entry-level drone isn’t dialed back in features. 

DJI is moving towards securing the low-end market in recent days. First, the Osmo Mobile. You already have a smartphone that shoots 4K. Why not a gimbal? It may cannibalize the sales of the Osmo+, but it also presents an intriguing option for casual consumers.

Ditch the selfie stick for 3-axis stabilization and OIS in smartphones like the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus. Rumors have OIS hitting the smaller 7 model to make up for lack of dual camera sensors, but it’s all rumors until Tim Cook shows us the damn commercial.

DJI Mavic?

Now the casual market is entering the drone arena. And we now know why DJI joined the FAA advisory committee. If the following rumors hold true, local news programming just built out their programming for months.

The folks at HeliGuy spotted the trademark filed on August 15 for ‘Mavic.’ Have to love the US Trademark Office in giving away the goods since each trademark filed has to have an explanation.

DJI Mavic

Not remotely confirmed by DJI.

“Software for the development and also operation of robot tools, drones, unmanned aerial cars (UAVs), unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and remote (RC) aircraft.”

According to the rumors circling online, this isn’t the much-rumored Inspire successor. No, this is a get out in front of GoPro’s Karma even and lay down the hammer. If you watched the teaser marketing behind the Karma drone, it hints at extreme portability. I wasn’t buying the mobile launch, but the Mavic rumors plus GoPro wanting to make a splash is making me think otherwise.

September 15 is the rumored DJI launch date, placing itself in front of the GoPro September 19 event. If the Mavic is DJI’s idea for an entry-level drone, it counters the Yuneec Breeze, designed for the selfie-conscious consumer.

Lending credence to the smaller DJI Mavic was a quote Adam Najberg gave to Engadget during the IFA Tradeshow. “Size is going to be an issue. Also, ease of use.” That’s PR speak for damn right we are making a smaller drone.

DJI Mavic Specs

It’s all rumors, but working around various forums, the Mavic will feature a 4K camera on a two-axis gimbal, foldable arms for transport, a display running Android OS and weigh in at 1.43lbs.

Battery life will be dependent on the features it offers, but the rumored spec is a 3830mAh 11.1v battery.

Operating the Mavic is purely speculation, but the consensus rumor is the front arms fold forward from the rear, while the arms sitting near the front when you’re hauling it around fold back. The result has the props on top of the motors when ready for flight.

The leaked images look cool as hell. Pricing is one everyone will want to hear. The Yuneec Breeze sits in the $500 range. DJI is the titan of industry and doesn’t want to cede any ground to GoPro. A Phantom 3 4K prices at $599. Would it be a stretch to see the DJI Mavic go sub-$400 for the holidays? That’s a hell of a Black Friday move from the company.

Once they get the low-end market flank secured, can we see some badassery on the Inspire front? Come on DJI. We know you’re cooking something up. Stay tuned if and when (lean towards when) for the DJI Mavic announcement.

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