Fan of the DJI OSMO? Your wish list for the handheld stabilized camera is getting shorter. The drone company is releasing a number of add-ons and accessories for the Osmo platform.

There is something for everyone in the release schedule. The biggest from the company is the Osmo RAW and Pro lineup. DJI is bringing the Zenmuse X5R camera to the platform. It’s the same micro four-thirds system found on the Inspire RAW series. If you have that, you’re already set.

DJI wanted to bring the ultimate in control down from the sky and put it in your hand.

“When we launched the Osmo, we reimagined motion,” said Senior Product Manager Paul Pan. “With the DJI Osmo RAW, we’ve gone even further. Now, creators and filmmakers will no longer have to choose between image quality and image stability, no matter from what perspective they’re shooting.”

Pricing and availability haven’t been released but expect it in short order and for a healthy price. Over at the company site, the Zenmuse X5R retails for $3599.00. No reason to think we are about to get a discount, though what’s wrong with dreaming?

DJI Osmo Pro announced

DJI Zenmuse X5R

What does the price get you? The Zenmuse X5R is billed as the world’s smallest lossless 4K camera. Features include 12.8 stops of dynamic range, an ISO range of 100-25,600 and video bitrates averaging 1.7Gbps.

Filmmakers and enthusiasts will enjoy the option the films in CinemaDNG with D-Log color settings making life in post production easier and more creative. The Osmo RAW can also take advantage of the Focus Unit, allowing for tighter controls in framing the shot.

Those needing to shoot a few stills with the Osmo X5R have 16 megapixels to work with.

DJI Osmo Pro

In a bid to appeal to professionals, DJI is also releasing a proseries of the Osmo. Complete with the three-axis gimbal; it comes standard with the X5 camera. It’s a bit odd that you cannot opt for the X5R, but pricing seems to be the concern. A standard X5 with a lens retails for $2,199.

Again, if you already have the camera, you can opt for the adapter and not have to double dip. But, if you don’t, the Pro is using the same adapter as the X5R allowing you to easily upgrade.

DJI Osmo Z-Axis Stabilization

It’s not the people with deep pockets being shown all the love. Own an Osmo but have bemoaned the vertical bob? The Z-Axis release is DJI’s answer to complete four-axis stabilization. The $129 accessory mounts between the gimbal and the standard X3 camera.

dji osmo z-axis accessory

DJI osmo z-axis

It offers similar benefits of a more expensive Steadicam rig thanks to the integrated spring, tilt angle adjustments, and a knob to control tension in the shock absorber. DJI is warning on its site the Z-Axis is not meant for action sports. Damn. There I was about to attach it to a mountain bike. One day…

Battery Boost for Osmo Line

Two announcements on the battery front that will please damn near everyone. The first is an extended battery that takes the current battery life of 66 minutes in 4K to 96 minutes. On the Osmo Pro, the extended life goes from 60 minutes with the original battery to 76 minutes.

Need more? DJI is also releasing a battery-shaped power adapter for the Osmo. Sliding into the handle, the adapter can connect to a dedicated DJI charger or the company’s intelligent battery systems. Out of the box, it will support 5 DJI AC options, three of the DJI car chargers and six types of the drone and Ronin batteries.

I think our battery woes can be solved with one of the two options.

While I’d love to have an X5R to play with, it’s the Z-Axis that has me excited. Getting rid of the vertical bob in videos? The audio has been solved. Gimbal drift is damn near gone. And now four-axis stabilization? Can I ask DJI to make it waterproof?

Let a fella dream.

The DJI Z-Axis is available today along with the battery adapter ($25). The extended battery and the new RAW/Pro lines are not available for sale, yet. I’ll update the post when a firm date and pricing is announced.

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