Another day. Another Osmo. The ‘Transform Your World’ announcement brought the new DJI Osmo Mobile 3. It’s up in the air if a smartphone gimbal stabilizer transforms our collective worlds, but it’s a significant upgrade in what has become the year of the Osmo from DJI.

It wouldn’t be a product launch without an over-the-top marketing video:

Yeah, good luck on getting a panorama shot like the one featured in the video. Love the Osmo Mobile line, but that’s not happening without a ton of work in post. 

What’s New in the DJI Osmo Mobile 3?

It’s Foldable. That’s the big takeaway from the launch. DJI is following companies like Snoppa Tech with the smartphone stabilizer and introduced a smaller form factor. That has its downside which we’ll get into below.

Heavy Instagram Focus. The portrait mode is here to stay, and DJI has optimized the Osmo Mobile 3 for social media. I remember the days when the Internet shunned the vertical video. Now? It’s all about Instagram stories and the influencers we follow.  

The Trigger Returns. After being absent on the Osmo Mobile 2, the front trigger returns. If anything, this is the must-have feature on the device. Out of all the improvements outlined in the video, the trigger is far and away the most requested.

ActiveTrack 3.0. A lot of the camera drone features make their way onto other DJI products. The Osmo Mobile 3 is no exception and gets the latest version of ActiveTrack. It’s a noticeable improvement over the last generation. 

Smartphone Lens Optimized. Are you a fan of Moment smartphone lenses? DJI worked with Moment before the release, and the motors have been designed to accept the latest lenses without the need for counterweights.

Shot Modes. It wouldn’t be a DJI product without them, and the Osmo Mobile 3 has Hyperlapse, Panoramas, and Timelapse returning. The addition of ActiveTrack 3.0 also adds the ability to use gesture control, enabling you to take group selfies and more with simple gestures. Think timed shots, but smarter.

Portable Charger. If you kept your old Osmo Mobile in the bag gathering dust, the Osmo Mobile 3 comes with a massive feature. It can charge your phone while in use. 

Osmo Mobile 3 Drawbacks

Foldable Frame Blocks Y-Axis Tilt. The new foldable frame does have its caveats. Namely, the offset frame introduces some limitations. The flashlight mode is gone in favor of portability. DJI’s latest Osmo Mobile sacrifices y-axis mobility for the ability to fold it down into a compact footprint. 

The Tripod is a Necessary Purchase. On the Osmo Mobile 2, you could get away with placing the entire setup on a flat surface. Sure, it wasn’t the most stable thing in the world, but it worked in a pinch. The Osmo Mobile 3? It curves for the sole purpose of forcing you to buy a tripod. Yeah, it’s only $20 more, but it strikes me as unnecessary and a push into the accessory ecosystem. 

Camera Switching. This may be solved with firmware, but for now, the triple-click of the trigger to switch cameras only works outside of recording. Once you’re recording, the quick camera switch does not work. For most that’s not an issue, but the marketing pushes it as a feature, but it’s kneecapped.

Overall, the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is a win for the company as it refreshes and adds to the entire Osmo lineup. There are a few cons to the feature set, but for $119, it’s hard to argue against the value if you’re in the market for a smartphone stabilizer.

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