DJI’s Life Is Bigger event unveiled the already leaked Osmo Pocket, and it’s an intriguing piece of tech. Will it be the new champion of vlogging? Maybe. Will it be what the Mavic Pro was to the GoPro Karma? Again, maybe.

The DJI Osmo Pocket is the company’s first product which has a lot of potential, but not a clearly defined market. There’s already the Osmo Mobile 2 for your smartphone. Paired with a Moment lens, and you’re well on your way towards fantastic-looking footage for about the same price.

You know there’s a catch. The Osmo Mobile 2 is not fitting in your pocket. While I can show you launch videos of the Mavics with a DJI employee shoving a drone in their pocket, the Osmo Pocket is the first product from DJI that fits in your pocket. You essentially have the Mavic Air sensor in the palm of your hand.

The mechanical stabilization afforded by the gimbal allows for smooth video. Will it be as smooth as DJI’s marketing videos? No, but it will look damn good straight off the SD card. Not all of us live in paradise, and while they convinced their dog to wear it, I’m not sure this monster of mine will be as agreeable to a camera strapped to his back.


So, what is the DJI Osmo Pocket? It’s $349 of potential. It can shoot 4K60p. The two-hour battery life is impressive considering it stands four inches tall and weighs 116 grams. Somehow a touchscreen was integrated. It makes me look towards the major full-frame camera manufacturers and ask what the hell folks?

The shot modes found on $1000+ drones are included. ActiveTrack makes an appearance. A 100Mbps bitrate. Its FPV mode alone will sell units based off the fact you can get the Inception-type shots.

Yes, you will need a smartphone and DJI’s new MIMO app to take advantage of some of the features, but out of your pocket, it’s an intriguing device.

DJI Osmo Pocket features

DJI Pocket Osmo vs the GoPro Hero7

Here’s where the comparisons will live. They share the most in common with DJI offering a gimbal and GoPro finally figuring out how to put the GoPro shake to bed. The gimbal will always win out in the end, but to say GoPro hasn’t made a generational leap in stabilization is not being honest.

Right now, the GoPro Hero7 has the ecosystem of accessories. You can put in in your pocket and also toss it in the pool. The Osmo Pocket has the promise of a waterproof case to control the camera underwater, but the release date on it is ‘coming soon.’ Can it outshine the GoPro? Maybe. It has the potential to surpass the GoPro. Perhaps it already has. Once its entire ecosystem is on the market.

The waterproof case and audio accessories are an absolute must. They should have launched with the Osmo Pocket today. Those who owned the original Osmo remember the horrific audio of the first generation. DJI ironed those issues out, but if the company is looking to early adopters to keep the device in front of the masses, those two are an absolute must.

Until then, it’s $349 of lots of potential and more than a few maybes. With a waterproof case and the ability to extend the audio quality and DJI will have stomped on GoPro again. It did it with the Mavic Pro. It’s hard to bet against the company dominating the market.

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