DJI Phantom 4 Teaser Video?

DJI, you had to do it. All the rumors floating around the Internet about the March 1st event and they toss a teaser at us. Considering the invite looks suspiciously like a Phantom, let’s speculate we are looking at the new DJI Phantom 4. And possibly a new Inspire model.

Well, there goes $1700. We don’t even get a good look at it, yet I’m sold. They are the Apple of drones/quadcopters. Hey, the company is even offering an AppleCare-like coverage plan to cover our general lack of piloting skills.

DJI Phantom 4 Stills

It’s not confirmed, but we can play YouTube detective and get an idea of what’s coming down the pipe.
dji phantom 4 sensors

Best guess is a new sensor package. The Matrice has front-facing sensors. Are we getting something similar with the Phantom 4? Here’s hoping. It would make life easier. I live in a rural area, so avoiding trees is a must going forward.

There may have been one or more incidents involving pine trees

dji vision positioning system

Has to be the new bottom-facing vision positioning system.

dji phantom 4 teaser video

Battery lights? Better battery life? The Phantom 4 will have better battery life, but it’s a question of scale. A couple of minutes is an improvement. Doubling down is an ‘oh damn’ moment I don’t think we will see. Getting it closer to 30 minutes with a better camera would work.

[divider]What’s Missing?[/divider]

A bit of everything. We know we are getting a new shell, sensors, etc. But, we don’t know any of the details outside of rumors. 6K camera? I’d take the bitrate higher for 4K. Oh, and a Zenmuse X5 with interchangeable lenses.

What? It’s a teaser video. We’re allowed to go nuts.

Everything will be revealed on March 1st, including the price. Expect the $1700 figure. The Phantom 3 Pro went sub $1K leaving DJI’s premium prosumer price point open. That tends to push me in the direction there will be serious camera upgrades in the Phantom 4.

Stay tuned on March 1 for all the latest DJI news. The company wouldn’t, but how devastated would we be if it was a Phantom 3 Pro Plus? Sound off in the comments on your wishlist.