In case you missed it, Thanksgiving is almost here. Yeah, it snuck up on all of us. Past the turkey and the annoying relatives, it also ushers in holiday shopping. Do you brave the stores for the $3 waffle maker, or sit at the house? It’s rhetorical unless you like a stampede.

DJI has unveiled their Black Friday promotions for the Phantom series, and there are excellent discounts to be had. Like any discount wave, there are pros and cons.

DJI Phantom Black Friday

Let’s knock the pricing out. Three Phantom drones are up for holiday madness. The Phantom 3 Standard is your value buy at $399 – discounted from $499. If you’re new to drones or aerial cameras, it’s a great starter drone with a 12MP camera and 2.7K video capability. It usually retails for $800, but DJI has had the discount locked in at $499 since the Phantom 4 released.

DJI Phantom 4 black Friday

Next is the Phantom 3 Pro. We own this drone personally, and it’s a workhorse. Starting Black Friday, the price drops from $999 to $799.

The perk over the standard is 4K capability, various flight modes and safety features. It can also take a hit. Chasing your nephew through the woods and glance off a branch? Did that last holiday with no issue. Power slide into pine limbs? The green takes a bit of scrubbing, but you have the fresh pine scent for a month. And finally, a front flip while on the ground. Our dad managed it somehow and it emerged unscathed.

DJI’s last Black Friday promotion is the Phantom 4 with a price drop to $999. That’s damn close to evil DJI. We had an opportunity to go hands-on with the Phantom 4 for a month, and if you want technology mixed with style, it hits all the right notes.

Quick note – all the deals begin Friday, so easy on the ‘Buy Now’ button.

DJI Deal or Splurge?

All three have nice discounts, but you should be aware of the Phantom 4 Pro if your goal is tons of aerial video and still photography. For an additional $500, the camera jumps to a one-inch sensor and 20MP. The video bitrate is 100mbps versus 60. Toss in the mechanical shutter, more redundancy in safety and a 4.3-mile range and you see the perks.

It becomes consumer preference, but if you are in the market for a true prosumer drone, the Phantom 4 Pro is your answer. I compared the Phantom 4 vs. the Pro, and it’s clear which wins out. You don’t need the integrated 5.5-inch screen RC, but if you take a lot of calls, you may want to consider it.

Looking at the two, they are nearly identical. Same stylish finish, but the internals is where the Pro shines. If you love still photography, the 20MP one-inch sensor is what we’ve been begging DJI for, along with the increased bitrate.

Me? I’d go Phantom 4 Pro all the way. It may not fit in your pocket like the Mavic Pro, but it’s portable as hell, and I want a better camera. We may call them drones, but they are aerial cameras first and foremost.

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