DJI has been teasing a ‘Pro’ aspect of the company for months, and the website has finally gone live featuring quite a resume of TV shows and films. Everything from crowd favorites to the shows and movies you secretly enjoy because HBO decides to run them nonstop.

Dubbed DJI Pro, the site focuses on the professional side of aerial filmmaking and photography with high-end camera drones. I’m going out on a limb and assuming chasing my nephew through the woods with a Phantom doesn’t qualify. It was damn funny, but not worth an Emmy. Here’s the company describing the new site:

“Since the creation of the first Phantom to the Inspire and Ronin series, DJI has been dedicated to creating intuitive tools for every level of filmmaker,” said Ti Xie, Public Relations Director at DJI. “With the launch of the DJI Pro website, we now have a dedicated location where customers can learn about the application of our professional products, and we also provide a learning-based platform for users to receive the latest information. We will continue to make more reliable, industry-leading tools for our growing customer base.”

My favorite part of the new site is the showcase section including the films and shows who have made use of DJI products to bring our favorites to both the big and small screen. Before the pitchforks come out, my ranking is my personal preference.

The show that jumps off the screen is The Expanse. Easily the best sci-fi show on television. Hell, one of the best shows on How the showrunners and writers managed to weave storylines from book series to the screen is stunning. Syfy gave it a solid run, and now we await the new season on Amazon Video in 2019.

DJI Product: Ronin 2

Next is Game of Thrones. April 2019 will bring the HBO epic to a close and launch plenty of prequels and spinoffs. We may never see another book, but at least we will see more of the seven kingdoms.

DJI Product: Inspire

A major theme on the DJI Pro’s showcase is the networks the shows landed on. There are heavy doses of CBS with SWAT, SEAL Team, Star Trek Discovery, and Scorpion. Netflix with Ozarks, Naked, and Bird Box. HBO shows include the aforementioned Game of Thrones, Succession, and Ballers.

The film slate making use of DJI products include Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Trek Beyond and Suicide Squad.

It’s an impressive list and shows the power of DJI’s product line, While the focus of the DJI Pro site launch is on professionals, it’s easy to see the same tools used by amateurs to create incredible projects.

Also included on the site are fantastic videos with the initial DJI Masters – Rodney Charters, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, and Claudio Miranda. DJI Pro’s education center is filled with how-to videos on the Inspire 2, the Ronin product line and more.

DJI Pro is a nice addition to the main DJI site and will serve as not only a conduit for professionals but as inspiration for the next generation of filmmakers and photographers.

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