You aren’t wrong in feeling like every company is having their version of Prime Day. DJI is no exception as the company is offering discounts up to 30%.

One of the biggest deals is the Mavic Pro Fly More combo. At a regular price of $1299, the 36-hour DJI sale drops the price to $999. That’s a damn good deal, and the individual Mavic Pro sits and $799, off its usual $999 price tag.

There is a but to this sale. The Mavic Pro II is coming. An unveiling date was set for July 18 but has been indefinitely postponed. That could measure in weeks or slip to months. There’s no way to tell. So do you wait for the latest Mavic II or jump on the sale. If you need a well-rounded portable drone, the Mavic Pro is a steal at these prices. The second-generation will be more expensive, possibly a lot more expensive, so cost becomes a factor.

DJI Summer sale

Mavic Air Sale?

While on the splash page for the flash sale, DJI lists the Mavic Air at $799. The Fly More combo hits $999. Which do you choose? Mavic Pro or the Mavic Air. If you’re willing to give up some transmission range and battery life, the Mavic Air pushes maximum portability, and the bitrate jumps from 60Mbps to 100Mbps. I’d side with the Mavic Air. It may trade off some features, but its gain in other areas more than makes up for it.

DJI Spark Sale

The ultimate beginner drone. DJI’s sale of Spark includes the Fly More Combo at $499. Good luck finding a better value for a drone which introduced ruggedness, gesture control, and the ability to pass this off to your young nephew without worrying about a $1000+ disaster.

DJI Phantom Sales

The Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 doesn’t get a massive discount, instead opting to combine the drone with DJI’s ‘Above the World’ Book priced at $1529. Those looking to get similar features may want to choose for the Phantom 4 Advanced. It includes a free battery and Wrap Pack for $1199.

The flash sale began at noon today and will last until midnight (UTC-4) on July 17, 2018. Sound off below on your thoughts on the DJI sale.

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