The groans in the Facebook comments were palpable last night for DJI’s ‘Create Your Legacy’ event. I wasn’t the only one watching on wishing they were using the Ronin 2 to stream the announcement. Poor quality and mismanaged expectations. A Sunday night presentation for a consumer drone? Yeah, the date and time should have given away the goods.

While not focused on the latest drone for sale from DJI, the company did unveil the Ronin 2. We’ve all heard of the Ronin, and when it first launched three years ago, it changed the game for filmmaking. No more six-figure price tags for Steadicam rigs. $4500 and expensive cameras. You’ll find the rig on the lowest budget indie project to tentpole films with blank checks.

DJI wanted to bring the stabilization they were known for in the drone world and introduce the same buttery smooth footage to aspiring filmmakers planted on the ground. The company took what the first Ronin did well and stepped it up.

DJI ronin 2 car mount

Marketing time:

Seriously, why couldn’t the event look this slick? All those cinematographers in the audience…

DJI Ronin 2

The biggest request from users was it needed to hold more gear. Our wish will be granted with the Ronin 2 holding up to 30 pounds taking us deep into the heaviest RED + cinema lens setup.

Its new adjustable arms allow for bigger lenses, and while it looks like the world’s biggest pain the ass to balance and calibrate, DJI is promising an improved process with fine tuning knobs and locking levers to erase any frustration.

Batteries. Dual batteries keep the rig stabilizing for up to eight hours, or you can opt for the hot-swap feature. Change one out and pop a fresh one in without powering down the Ronin 2.

Versatility. It’s here DJI lived up to the ‘Create Your Legacy’ phrase. The Ronin 2 has a quick release mount to allow you clip it to whatever you have on set – a ready rig, vehicles, aerial platforms, cable cams and a single operator vest system. The last is for the poor person who has been hot-swapping batteries all day. You want some of that weight off of you.

DJI Ronin 2 handheld mode

Add in the Ronin’s stabilization, and the quick release allows you to switch modes mid-shot for those badass single takes we all love to watch.

Price and Release Date

Unknown and soon. We can venture a guess as to the pricing. The first Ronin was priced at $4500 when it released and now sits at $1,999.00. It’s not a giant leap to think the Ronin 2 will sit comfortably in that price range. Its release date is slated for the summer, and DJI is happy to let you sign up to learn more about it.

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