Let’s call it fashionably late. DJI undoubtedly controls much of the consumer drone market; it is more than a bit behind the eightball with the release of its handheld camera gimbal, the DJI Ronin-S. Don’t confuse it with the Osmo Mobile, the Ronin-S is for the videographer or vlogger who is stepping up from smartphones into the realm of dedicated camera gear.

Since its announcement, the questions have centered around when and how much? Today, we know the answer is $699 with pre-orders happening now and the shipments starting in late June. Like all DJI releases, expect the ship times to slip as buyers snap up the initial wave. Preorders can be made at the usual suspects – DJI and B&H.

While late to the gimbaled party, it is coming in under the $749 price of the Zhiyun Crane 2. If the drone market is any indication, DJI isn’t playing for the consolation prize. It wants, and using history as a guide, will have the dominant market share in short order.

camera view of DJI Ronin-S

DJI Ronin-S

What can you expect from the gimbal? Cinema-like stability from just about any camera setup. The payload maxes out at eight pounds, so your the latest from Sony to the Canon 1DX Mark II. Up to eight pounds is the key phrase. Keep it under the weight and enjoy the great b-roll. It won’t give you the personality of Peter Mckinnon, but your videos will be damn smooth.

How about battery life? 12 hours according to DJI, so you’ll be tired of chasing your kid well before the battery gives out on you.

DJI, give us that marketing video goodness:

And a surprising pleasant comment section. Of course, at $699, it’s a steal and opens up the world of videography to a whole new consumer base.

back of DJI Ronin-S

Regarding speed, official DJI numbers have the Ronin-S motors at 47mph using a Panasonic GH5 paired with a 50mm lens. Slapping a Nikon D5 or a Canon 1DX will slow the speed a bit, but the motors are built to push your creativity.

A nice touch is the Push function, which allows users to adjust the tilt, roll-axis and pan the camera by hand. If you’ve ever messed with an Osmo, you know how pissed it gets when you manually adjust.

Ronin-S App

You didn’t think we were getting a new piece of tech without an app, did you? Complex camera movements can be created automatically including Panorama, Motionlapse, Timelapse, and Track, that lets you designate specific camera positions in a scene and rotate between them on demand. Perfect for owners of a certain camera company which ditched its app dedicated to time-lapse and other shooting modes. Looking at you Sony.

The Ronin-S makes use of the Manfrotto quick-release system opening it up to an entire slate of third-party accessories. It will be compatible with DJI Pro accessories including the vehicle mount, Force Pro, master Wheels and the dedicated Ronin-S remote.

DJI is slating July for firmware allowing camera parameter controls via the Ronin-S.

It took a bit to get to market, but we now have a date with the DJI Ronin-S. What are your thoughts on the new gimbal? Tip your hat to DJI, it gives what the consumer wants at a reasonable price. Will it make it into your gear bag or vlogging setup this summer?

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