It looks like we are about to get a consumer DJI launch. The company’s main Twitter account has teased out the date as May 15 to unleash your other side.

Obviously, we aren’t getting a Phantom 5 in the upcoming announcement. It screams underwater, and it would not only be the users unleashing their other side, but DJI hitting the water would be a marked departure.

There have already been hints DJI wants to explore underwater. An unreleased accessory for the DJI Osmo Pocket shows a waterproof casing for the Pocket. So, what is DJI up to?

One option I think can be tossed aside is the idea of an underwater drone. It’s way too niche, and while the event will focus on water, DJI will want the new product in as many hands as possible. That leaves some variation of an action camera.

GoPro should probably start worrying. We saw what came of the Karma drone. GoPro had a flashy event only to be stepped on weeks later by the launch of the original Mavic. A notorious DJI rumor account has already been flashing images of what is purported to be the next DJI camera.

Nothing like a few ambiguous pictures to get the rumor mill churning at full speed.

DJI Action Camera or Something More?

Let’s go with the action camera angle. We know right off the image quality on a GoPro has always been suspect. It’s improved, but DJI will come to fight, and its pedigree holds up. Expect better optics, video and image quality.

But what if we are missing the broader point. Recent articles have declared the Phantom line dead. I disagree, and if you remember the original Phantoms, there’s a possibility DJI could be tipping their hand. Why not make a cheaper Phantom 5 SKU with the option of attaching the DJI action camera? GoPros were attached to the original Phantoms. Why not get a dual purpose camera system while also leaning into higher priced models with onboard optics. Win-win for the company and the consumer gets more choices.

It is something to think about if DJI is planning on taking on GoPro in a little over six days. Or, we could be looking at an entirely new product.

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