DJI has unveiled a new round of price cuts to coincide with the launch of SkyPixel’s latest short film competition which has prizes totaling north of $48,000. Unlike previous competitions, entrants are not stuck within a set product ecosystem. Both DJI and SkyPixel are looking for the best creatives no matter what product is being used. 

Of course, the summer sale is more than a nudge to embrace the latest Osmo product launches. For a limited time, you can snap up the Osmo Action for $50 off at $300. The Osmo Pocket & Expansion Kit Combo will enjoy a $30 discount to $428. If you want to see some of the coolest Osmo hacks, check out Make.Art.Now. Josh is the Macgyver of photo and videography world. 

Also, check out our Osmo Pocket Review over here. We decided to opt for the direct off the SD card look to show you what can be achieved straight out of the box. 

2019 SkyPixel Short Film Contest

The contest kicked off yesterday and will run until October 14, 2019, with three categories of submissions – ‘Big Moments Start Small,’ ‘Make Your Move’ and ‘Adventure Starts With You.’ 

A total of 100 winners can win a range of prizes totaling $48,600 USD in categories including Recommended Films, Best Editing, Best Story, Nominated Entries, People’s Choice Prize as well as This Week’s Most Popular, sponsored by the partner SanDisk and WD brand from Western Digital Corp. This year’s Best Short Video winners will each receive the new Ronin-SC Pro Combo, Osmo Action as well as WD 2TB My Passport Wireless SSD.   

Winners will be announced on both SkyPixel’s website and through DJI’s various social media accounts. The company is high on the project to discover new creatives to show off the capabilities of DJI’s ecosystem of products. 

Here’s a further breakdown of the three categories and the timeline of submission to when the winners will be announced:

  • Big Moments Start Small: Create a video showcasing the small, lightweight design of your camera device and your best cinematic scenes. Users are recommended to include at least 10 seconds of behind-the-scenes clips of their product such as DJI Osmo Pocket or other accessories.
  • Make Your Move: Create a video showcasing the stabilized footage from your device. Users are recommended to include at least 10 seconds of behind-the-scenes clips of their product such as DJI Osmo Series or other devices.
  • Adventure Starts With You: Create a short, cinematic narrative film to showcase your creative skills and visual effects. Users are recommended to include at least 10 seconds of behind-the-scenes clips of their product such as DJI Ronin Series or other devices.

Submission Details

Submission Start Date: August 15, 2019, 2:00 AM (EDT)

Submission End Date: October 14, 2019, 2:00 AM (EDT)

Award Announcement: October 31, 2019

If you’ve been on the fence about the Osmo Pocket or Action, the summer sale offers up the best pricing since the launch. The Pocket is one of the more intriguing products of 2019. It’s the closest approximation of the original Osmo and can take incredible shots. The Osmo Action is a GoPro competitor, but rumors have it the GoPro 8 is lurking in the wings. While DJI successfully fought off a drone from GoPro, the jury is still out if they can successfully move in on GoPro’s iron grip of the action camera market.

The next few months will be one to watch between DJI and GoPro. Both want to secure their exposed flanks, and DJI seems to be comfortable with a holding pattern on drone releases until 2020. Until then, we are treated to a short film contest and a nonstop deluge of non-drone product releases.

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