We all just thought the Mavic was tiny. DJI is set to tighten its stranglehold on the consumer drone market on May 24th when it reveals what is widely expected to be the DJI Spark. They are getting damn good at the teaser game.

There’s a lot to learn from the video. First, it’s portable. Really portable. You can see in the 45 seconds people constantly pulling it out of somewhere small – a backpack, purse, etc. While the portability is a nod to the average consumer who wants simplicity in a camera drone, it’s not a slouch for professional-quality shots.

Ignore the incessant need for selfies and focus the tight areas the DJI Spark can get in. Indoor karting, weaving through rocks, canyons. The works.

Expect it to pair exceptionally well with the DJI Goggles. What will be the sacrifice? Range. You can see in the video how each shot is framed with people holding it; the selling point will be maximum portability. And it will be durable. You aren’t tossing a Phantom 4 Pro into a backpack for the hell of it. Well maybe some of us do. They are built tougher than you might think. Or the ones I fly are attracted to pine trees. Could be both.

DJI Spark rumors

DJI Spark Price?

The company has always had tiers of pricing. The Mavic was different in that it straddles the zone of hobbyist and professional. The Spark will do the same but expect DJI to move against its remaining competitors with a hyper-competitive price.

Rumors have it in the $500 range, and it makes sense considering the multiple SKUs the company loves to introduce. Price it at $499 with your smartphone as a controller and head north from there for a dedicated RC.

DJI gets the glowing headlines and consumers will invariably want the ‘package deal’ sure to be on offer.

What’s Next?

Don’t expect a Phantom 5 or a Mavic refresh at its May 24th event. They aren’t going to step on a new product’s unveiling with what amounts to a product refresh. Sound off below with your thoughts on what DJI has planned for us on May 24.

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