Two pieces of news on the DJI drone front. First, we all evidently love the hell out of small drones. The DJI Spark is flying off the virtual shelves, and recently stock ran low. Luckily, it was not the Mavic Pro debacle last year. It’s more of a ‘damn, these things sell.’ News out of DJI this morning as the company is restocked for your selfie drone pleasure.

Same pricing as before. We have the headline $499 number, but if you want to witness the full power – had to on the Star Wars reference – the Fly More combo is the better deal at $699. You get the extra battery, props and guards, a bag, remote controller, etc. If I was a new owner or wanted to turn a drone over to my nephew – who isn’t remotely gentle with electronics – this is what I would buy.

Phantom 4 Advanced Price Cut

The confounding Phantom 4 Advanced. It’s like a baby Phantom 4 Pro, but the price was too close to recommend it over the Pro. That’s changed with a $150 price cut and stands at the old Phantom 4 price of $1,199.00. Now it’s $300 cheaper than the Pro with all the camera features and things most of us want.

I live in a rural area, so losing the 5.8Ghz band isn’t that big of a deal to me. Neither is a few of the sensors stripped from the drone. It’s a personal choice, but if you want the camera of the Pro without the Pro price, compromises have to be made. Instead, you can use the extra $300 and grab two batteries. You want to keep flying above all else.

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Price Cut

DJI calls it a summer special, but this actually fits more in line with their old pricing structure and piques my interest at how long the price holds. What does it portend for the near future? I’d expect a Mavic 2 (I know they hate calling the original the Mavic Pro) before a Phantom 5, but you never know what’s in the cards. Could be both or the release cycle slides towards fall.

Other Drone News

Canada has figured out their drone legislation was draconian in the way it was worded, and an interim order has lifted the many of the restrictions which made zero sense. Props to all parties involved; the activists, the lobbying groups and a government that listens. Way to go Canada. Must be nice.

The new interim order will make its way into a new ordinance, so good on my neighbor to the north getting it right. A government that listens to the people? Hell of a concept.

Those who have been searching for a DJI Spark better hop on and grab it now and the Phantom 4 Advanced is priced to sell.

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